Cited organizations

Nonprofits, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions and other not-for-profit initiatives cited in The Last Virtual Volunteering Guidebook, either in the chapters or in an appendix, as involving online volunteers, or as using the Internet in significant ways to communicate with and support volunteers, or as being early supports and promoters of virtual volunteering. Please note that this is in no way a comprehensive listing of all organizations that involve online volunteers (the number of such is in the thousands). Press representatives and bloggers wanting to write geographic-specific articles about virtual volunteering are encouraged to contact the book's authors for story leads.

These URLs may be different than what is cited in The Last Virtual Volunteering Guidebook, URLs in the book that no longer work are corrected here as we discover errors.

Afghans for Afghans,
Aid Workers Network,
Alliance for Justice,
American Cancery Society Relay for Life
Arizona Pioneers' Home Volunteers' Association
Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA)
Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (not cited as involving online volunteers but, rather, for their policies regarding screening and supervising volunteers)
Center for Universal Design, North Carolina State (not cited regarding online volunteers but, rather, for their standards of universal design)
Charles A. Dana Center, University of Texas at Austin (cited because it was the home of the Virtual Volunteering Project)
ClickWorkers (this project is defunct; to view the archived web site, type in this URL to and choose the earliest version of the site available:
Clinton Township (NJ) School District
Compass Point Nonprofit Services
Consortium of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Voluntary and Community Organisations - InVolving LGBT Volunteers
Corporation for National Service - National Service Knowledge Network
Crisis Camp
Distributed Proofreaders. These online volunteers turn public domain books into online books, mostly for Project Gutenberg
Electronic Emissary,
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Volunteer Monitoring Program - this is a mix of online and remote volunteering.
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),
Geeks Without Bounds
George House Trust
Goodwill Industries
Help From Home has a mix of volunteering activities you can do from home, both online and without a computer.
Humane Society of Henderson ounty (KY)
Impact Online / VounteerMatch
Infinite Family,
Internet Archive's Wayback Machine,
Independent Sector,
Innovative Support to Emergencies, Diseases and Disasters (InSTEDD) - producers of GeoChat
James Irvine Foundation
Lawyers Without Borders,
LibriVox is a nonprofit that coordinates online volunteers to record audio versions of public domain books. You need to have software already that allows you to make such recordings (LibriVox does not provide such).
MENTOR/National Mentoring Partnership,
Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation
Mozilla Foundation/
Nonprofit Risk Management Center (cited in the appendix for information regarding safety in volunteer engagement schemes)
Pearls of Africa,
Pennsylvania State University IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon (THON)
Project Gutenberg
Safe Sanctuaries
Sanchez Elementary School, Online Mentoring Program
Sidelines, a USA-based non-profit organization providing international support for women and their families experiencing complicated pregnancies and premature births
Student Volunteer Army
TechSoup Global
University of Texas at Austin (cited as the home of the Virtual Volunteering Project and the original Electronic Emissary Project)
United Nations
United Nations Technology Service (UNITeS)
United Nations Online Volunteering Service
Virtual Volunteering Project - archived version used for Guidebook
Volunteer Canada
Washington Trails Association
Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
Wikimedia Task Force on Community Health
Women of Uganda Network
World Relief Durham
Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA),