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The Last Virtual Volunteering Guidebook is by Jayne Cravens and Susan Ellis. The Last Virtual Volunteering Guidebook is available for purchase as a paperback and an ebook from Energize, Inc.

The Last Virtual Volunteering Guidebook provides detailed information on how to introduce virtual volunteering (all forms, including online mentoring, microvolunteering, etc.) at an organization, how to grow an existing virtual volunteering program, and how to address various challenges to creating successful virtual volunteering activities. It offers what the authors believe to be the essentials for virtual volunteering success, both from the point of view of organizations involving volunteers as well as volunteers themselves. The book is built around the fundamentals of volunteer management that are essential to the success of any volunteering. The book offers examples of the author's recommendations in practice at several nonprofit initiatives, both local and international in nature. The book offers detailed, specific information and suggested practices for organizations regarding:
  • Getting employees, volunteers and others at an organization ready for virtual volunteering
  • The breadth of virtual volunteering tasks and how an organization can create their own virtual volunteering assignments
  • Screening online volunteers (and using the Internet to screen any volunteers)
  • Orientation and training for online volunteers (and using the Internet to screen any volunteers)
  • Basic and advanced techniques and tech tools for working online with volunteers
  • Creating different kinds of online assignments (microvolunteering, leadership online volunteers, virtual teams, online mentoring, crowdsourcing, etc.)
  • Online volunteers working directly with clients
  • Safety and confidentiality issues around virtual volunteering
  • Accessibility and diversity in virtual volunteering
  • Evaluating and recognizing virtual volunteering efforts
  • Recruiting online volunteers
  • A section for online volunteers themselves

The Last Virtual Volunteering Guidebook is available for purchase as a paperback and an ebook from Energize, Inc. It is the most comprehensive publication available regarding virtual volunteering, including online microvolunteering (micro tasks completed by online volunteers), virtual teams and crowd sourcing for the benefit of nonprofits, government agencies and other mission-based programs. The book is filled with case studies and guidelines regarding engaging and supporting volunteers using Internet / networking tools that are based on the work of many different organizations across the USA and around the world. The purpose of the book is to be a practical guide for programs that want to involve online volunteers, or want to expand that involvement, but it also has a great deal of information that will be of use to those researching issues related to virtual volunteering, online civic engagement, online mentoring, microvolunteering, remote volunteers, crowd-sourcing for good, etc.

Whereas the guidebook is written in a timeless manner as much as possible, focusing on suggested practices that the authors believe do not change, for the most part, this wiki will continually evolve as tracking and networking tech tools change. The wiki supplements and compliments the book, providing a space for ongoing discussions and for updates about new tech tools. However, note that the wiki is not a substitute for the book, which has hundreds of pages of information that will not be available on this wiki.

The book was first published in 1999; this edition was published in 2014.

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