Book title suggestions for the revised Virtual Volunteering Guidebook

In 2010, we considered the name of what eventually became The Last Virtual Volunteering Guidebook.

We had some serious considerations:

Virtual Volunteering: Using the Internet to Support and Involve Volunteers

The Virtual Volunteering Guidebook: Harnessing Online Volunteer Talent for Your Organization

We refused to consider Virtual Volunteering 2.0, because we were already sick of all things 2.0

We also came up with some not-so-serious suggestions, which we decided to share here:

Is Virtual Volunteering 4 U?

Virtual Volunteering, The Next Generation: Still Applying Real-World Volunteer Management Principles to Online Service.

Virtual Volunteering: On the Net, in the Cloud, by Smart Phone, or whatever comes next

Virtual Volunteering: More than a Meme

Virtual Volunteering: Viral For More than 30 Years

Virtual Volunteering: OMG! LOL!

Virtual Volunteering: coalition-based social capital refocusing cross-sector,
cloud-based collaborations and cultivating robust, best-in-breed,
synergistic strategies for results-based actions through emerging pipelines

Virtual Volunteering: Smart!

The Virtual Volunteering Evangelist. Praise Tron!

Virtual Volunteering: Better Than World of Warcraft

Virtual Volunteering: Better than Sexting

Virtual Volunteering: It Kicks Ass