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The Virtual Volunteering Wiki was developed in association with The Last Virtual Volunteering Guidebook, a book that was published in 2014 and is available from Energize, Inc.

The wiki has been hosted here at Wikispaces since 2013.

Unfortunately, as of September 2018, Wikispaces will be discontinued by its parent company.

The Virtual Volunteering Wiki will be relocated to in the coming months. Although it will not longer be, officially, a wiki - it will no longer allow all of the organizers to directly edit the pages - it will maintain its neutral tone and will welcome contributions from anyone who has information about virtual volunteering.

These are RSS feeds that generate links to news articles and blogs that mention the author's name or the book title. Note that these are automatically-generated links and we have no control over them. Also, often, these links are NOT to the authors but, rather, to someone with the same name.

This page lists RSS feeds that automatically link to the latest web pages, blogs, and other online materials that use terms that relate to virtual volunteering.

This page is a link of news articles or blogs that Jayne or Susan has found, or someone has told us about, relating to virtual volunteering.

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