Jayne Cravens and Susan Ellis, the authors of The Last Virtual Volunteering Guidebook and the creators of this wiki, would like to partner with a nonprofit organization a university or college - specifically, a department that provides a post-graduate degree related to nonprofit management, with a significant emphasis on community engagement/volunteer management - to maintain this wiki.

We seek a partner university or college that could recruit an intern from among students studying in its post-graduate program to keep this wiki updated. An intern would need to be recruited for three months.

What the internship looks like:
  • An intern's responsibilities would be for approximately 10 hours a week for at least 12 weeks for a semester.
  • The intern would receive from Jayne and Susan: guidance regarding topics to research, editing assistance, and guidance for using various online tools and groups to solicit information. This support would be provided via email, phone and VOIP technologies such as Skype.
  • The intern would receive a performance review by Jayne and, as time allows, Susan, at the end of the internship, to help in his or her professional development, and if the university or college wishes, as part of the intern's final grade in conjunction with a specific class.
  • The university or college could decide if the internship would be in conjunction with a specific class, and whether or not the student will get academic credit for this internship.

Jayne and, as time allows, Susan, would commit to:
  • Creating a written, detailed description of this internship in terms of duties and requirements
  • Advising on a recruitment message to be used by the university or college
  • Interviewing candidates via phone or VOIP technologies and reviewing applications for the internship, and providing feedback to the university for final selection
  • Providing feedback to the intern at least every other week regarding his or her work
  • Providing guidance on what to research
  • Providing editing support for all materials that are prepared
  • Providing guidance on outreach to various online communities to solicit information from nonprofits, non-governmental organizations, libraries, government agencies and other organizations that involve volunteers
  • Providing an update to the appropriate university or college at the start, in the middle and at the end of the internship regarding the intern's performance
  • Helping to draft funding proposals to fund this internship; costs would include costs of a subscription to this wiki ($5 a month for the "Plus" package, which is $60 a year or $120 for two years), and an honorarium of $1000 a year to Jayne and Susan (paid to Susan's company) for their support to the intern and the wiki for a year ($2000 for two years); that is $1060 for one year and $2120 for two years. If the intern is paid at the federal minimum wage, (the federal minimum wage is $7.25; for 10 hours of work over 12 weeks, this is $870), that brings the total costs $2800 for a year and $5600 for two years)
  • Promoting the partnership with the university or college via their various online channels

The partnering nonprofit, university or college would commit to:
  • To undertaking this partnership for a minimum of two years
  • Recruiting an intern from among students studying in its post-graduate program. This would include interviewing possible candidates, and ensuring the student has the necessary computer and Internet access to undertake this internship
  • Making all necessary arrangements for this internship to be done in conjunction with a specific class or for academic credit
  • Identifying potential funders to fund this internship
  • Submitting funding proposals
  • Deciding if this internship will be paid (the federal minimum wage is $7.25; for 10 hours of work over 12 weeks, this is $870) and, if so, paying the intern
  • Drafting the necessary MOU to undertake this partnership

Jayne, Susan, university or college staff associated with this collaboration and interns would be free to blog about their experiences, talk about their experiences in this partnership in their respective trainings and classes, and to produce training materials based on this collaboration.

If you represent a college or university that is interested in undertaking such a partnership, please contact Jayne via email.