This is a partial list of web sites providing searchable online databases of volunteering opportunities, and that are free for you to use to recruit volunteers, online or otherwise. These databases allow a volunteer to search based on their postal code, region or keyword search. This is a list of the most popular sites at the time of this Guidebook's revision, as well as some sites that have caught the author's attention.

Please note that we do not recommend posting requests for online volunteers to any of these sites until you are ready to involve online volunteers immediately. We encourage you to read The Last Virtual Volunteering Guidebook, for more information before using these sites to recruit online volunteers.

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For recruitment of all volunteers, including (but not only) online volunteers:

All for Good,
Create the Good (by AARP)
Do Something,
HandsOn Network, or
Network for Good,
Volunteer Solutions,

For use by any country:
CraigsList, (look for your country, then your city, and then the section for volunteering opportunities)
HealthCare Volunteer,

For recruitment of online volunteering exclusively:

For recruitment of both onsite and online volunteers
Betobe, - France
BrightOne, , U.K.
France Bénévolat,,, also,,, Spain
Help From Home, (microvolunteering only - both onsite and online)
ivo (formerly i-volunteer) , , UK
Shropshire, , UK
Volunteer Ireland,, Ireland
Volunteer Scotland,, U.K. and, Spain (Catalunya)
ZiviCloud, , Austria