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This wiki is a dynamic (ever-evolving, frequently updated) resource to supplement the information published in The Last Virtual Volunteering Guidebook. Whereas the guidebook is written in a timeless manner as much as possible, focusing on suggested practices that the authors believe do not change, for the most part, this wiki will continually evolve as tracking and networking tech tools change, as new research is conducted, and as substantial news about virtual volunteering is announced.

The wiki supplements and compliments the book, providing a space for ongoing discussions and for updates about new tech tools and new developments related to virtual volunteering. However, the wiki is NOT a substitute for reading the The Last Virtual Volunteering Guidebook, which has hundreds of pages of information that are not on this wiki.

An explanation about naming and including software tools in The Last Virtual Volunteering Guidebook and in this wiki.

Neither this wiki nor The Last Virtual Volunteering Guidebook list every organization that engages online volunteers, as the authors feel this would be impossible.

Policy for editing / adding information

All of the content here on the wiki is open to the public - anyone can read! Anyone is welcomed to submit updates or corrections as well to this wiki (yes, that's right - you can VOLUNTEER to help update this wiki!).

Pages and sections for which we would welcome your updates:

If you would like to submit or edit content for these pages, or you would like to commit to volunteer to maintain any of the pages or sections identified above, send an email to jc@coyotecommunications.com

For press reps & bloggers

We are happy to offer assistance for press reps and bloggers that want to write/produce an article, story, broadcast, webcast, podcast, etc., about virtual volunteering. You may also want to join our virtual volunteering LinkedIn group (you must be a member of LinkedIn to join this group; membership is free) and submit your idea to the group for discussion.

If you tweet about The Last Virtual Volunteering Guidebook please use the tag #vvbook

Knowing when this resource is updated

We will launch an email update that you can subscribe to to know when this wiki has been significantly updated (new sections, new pages, etc.). Until then, you can:

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